Let’s start with who I am.

My name is Wendy (named after a girl my Mom went to high school with that was really popular, and in case you’re wondering the same was not true for this girl).

I am a self-proclaimed geek.  Paper geek. I love Jesus but I cuss a little (I’m working on it).  

I am madly, crazy, insanely in love with my husband, we got married in 2006.  He is super tall, and a complete man’s man. I really think he was born in the wrong era, but I probably was too.  We managed to have one gorgeous, funny, brilliant, driven, sassy little girl. She is the light of our life.

Being a country girl is all I’ve ever known and it suits me to a T, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We have 9 chickens and 3 dogs and I would have a complete ZOO if my hubs would allow it. (I try to add an animal on a monthly basis, but he refuses)

I am sun-seeking, water-loving, crafty, get my fingers dirty, people germ hating, animal loving, rule following, gregarious and charming gal, that also happens to be a Stampin’ UP demonstrator.


My Stampin’ Story:

I started Stampin’ UP! (or for this story aka SU) in 2010.

Honestly, all I wanted was to craft and escape an hour a day from my kid and husband. I know, sounds horrible. I went from a 40+ hour a week corporate job to sitting at home with a baby who didn’t talk.

To say I was going crazy, is an understatement. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the crap outta this little human. But a girl needs to talk to SOMEONE.

In 2011 I got the bright idea I could do this as a business. I started stamping with friends and from there it continued to blossom.


Now, I can safely say, I am all in. I make an honest living doing this and I also earn an amazing trip every year for my family to travel with me on. In addition to that, I have managed to be in the top 100 demonstrators in the company several years running.

I am the Stampin’ UP! version of the pink cadillac Mary Kay lady! Who woulda thunk it!? The best part of my journey with Stampin’ UP! Are all the relationships I have made. Friends from across the globe, people I would have never met otherwise, who I am forever bonded with, by stamps, ink and paper, oh and a little love.

This “job” has brought so much joy to my life that it’s hard to put it in words.

I know that it seems corny, but I can honestly say, becoming a Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and it’s nothing short of divine intervention from the almighty God that I am here doing what I love. I thank Him every day for this blessing that is my life.


My Dream:

It all boils down to this folks.

I want to live a happy and healthy life and grow old with my hubby and sit on the porch and yell at the dogs and watch the chickens peck the ground. Hopefully surrounded by my grandkids and sweet girl, Macie.  

I want my little piece of the world to stay quiet and calm and peaceful and I want to worship the Lord on Sundays.

And at the end of all that, I want a craft room to always retreat to.  Because it is part of what makes me tick and it’s how I give the best part of me to everyone around me.


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